Free stock photos

Unsplash is a stock photo sharing website that gives users access to millions of photos taken by photographers worldwide. The photos are completely free although Unsplash recommends adding a link to the photographer’s page.

Contributors of all backgrounds

The strength of Unsplash is its community of over 150,000 contributors. They are from all walks of life, from city dwellers with a phone to professional photographers with expensive gears. They are from every corner of the world.

Simple search functions

Searching in Unsplash is done by entering keywords in the search bar. Alternatively, the photos are classified in topics curated by Unsplash or by any private contributor or member of the community. There is also a wallpaper section for photos to use as a mobile or desktop background picture.

Photos for all tastes

There are over 1.5 million high-resolution photos in Unsplash and the library grows daily. The platform counts over 11 billion downloads every month. There are photos available for all tastes and projects.

Apps available

Unsplash has an iOS app that allows to select images quickly and easily by dragging and dropping. The app has an edit feature that allows making a few simple modifications to photos. There is also an app for Chrome that displays a different photo every time a new tab is opened.

Information about the community

The blog publishes articles about news related to the community. It does not provide tips on photography. There is also a chat room for contributors.


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