Design user interfaces

Sketch is a platform that allows teams of designers to collaborate in creating designs and prototypes. We should specify that Sketch uses macOS technologies and is not available for the Windows or Android environments.

Making design easy with premium tools

Designing is simplified with vector editing, boolean operations, and enhanced precision. Many features complement these tools such as grids, variable font, or powerful resizing tools that automate scaling thus reducing the number of manual operations required. Any component created can be saved and reused.

Enhance prototypes with plugins

Testing prototypes in situations that resemble those that users will encounter is easy with Sketch. Multiple plugins can be added to prototypes to bring interactions and automations. When a prototype is ready for review, it can be shared with only a link.

Designed for collaboration

Sketch is designed with collaborative work in mind. Its cloud-based shared workspace lets all contributors access the latest designs, which can also be shared with clients or external collaborators. It’s easy to leave comments directly in the files to ensure a seamless process. Developers can also verify the design coding for free and without requiring the application or a Mac computer.


Sketch currently offers 2 different payment plans. The For Individuals plan provides full access to 1 user for a one-time payment. Renewing gives access to updates whereas not renewing gives continued access to the tool, but without further updates. The For Teams plan targets organizations and has a price per contributor. Both plans come with a 30-day free trial period.

One-time payment $99. License renewals $79/yr

Sketch Tutorials for Beginners

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