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Moose is a stock photo library that goes beyond the traditional definition by also offering collages and a photo creator tool. The photos available are unique and high definition.

Plenty of search options

The search options in Moose are very comprehensive. The filters all have various options within them, including gender, age, ethnicity, hair, body type, special features, activity, or sentiment. Additionally, there are over 35 categories from which to choose, including animals, coffee break, fashion, holidays, office, and more.

Different photos available

Moose provides different types of results for users beyond the traditional stock photos. It’s possible to create collages from existing images by resizing and moving objects within an image. There are also transparent PNG files and background images available for download.

Photo creator tool

If the ideal photo is not in the collection, Moose also provides the option to create the perfect still. The photo creator tool lets users choose a model, a background, and an object. The results can be exported to JPEG (free with an attribution link) or PSD (for a monthly fee).


Images on Moose are free with an attribution link. Users can also choose one of 2 plans with a monthly fee that offer the images without needing to use an attribution link. As Moose is the photo service of Icons8, any paid subscription also gives access to all Icons8’s icons, music, and editing features at no additional cost.

Free with a backlink; $5 for 1 photo; Subscription — $19.90/mo

Moose Tutorials for Beginners

Photo Creator — Create realistic photos in minutes

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