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Project Management

Miro is a collaborative brainstorming and planning tool that makes collaboration easier. Add notes or ideas, convert them into tasks and workflows, and manage your projects in a way that always keeps you ahead.

Access many features to manage your project

Miro is more than notes on a whiteboard that turn into workflows. It also includes video conferencing with a presentation mode, a chat, and sharing capabilities. Collaboration with teams or clients becomes simple and effortless.

Collaborate in real-time

Miro makes collaborating with your team in real-time easy by providing a place to brainstorm and turn a board of ideas into a readable map or diagram. Remote teams can participate instantly or provide their comments seamlessly. Once the map is created, it’s easy to turn it into a list of tasks.

Miro adapts to the other tools you lose

If you are using other tools for your work or personal projects, Miro likely integrates with them. This includes Google Drive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Gmail, and many more. It makes it easier for you to connect all the tools you need to make your projects or business run smoothly.


Miro offers 4 plans, including a basic free one. The other 3 plans have a fee per member per month with progressively increasing features. They fit a wide range of companies of all sizes. There is also an additional plan with an option to collaborate in Miro with clients and guests.

Web, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
Free; Team—$8; Business—$16

Miro Tutorials for Beginners

Getting started with Miro: Board basics
Miro: Navigation
Miro: Collaboration

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