Create landing pages that convert
Landing Page Builder

Instapage lets you deploy landing pages for your ads and convert more visitors into subscribers or clients. It presents itself as an advanced landing page platform that helps you get the most out of your ad spending.

Good landing pages fast

Instapage’s powerful platform lets you create landing pages in minutes, add responsive features you need, and integrate elements from your brand. It has customizable blocks and layouts that can be used and edited to create a professional design.

Customize pages for visitors

You can create more than one landing page for an ad to ensure the right page targets the right client. This will be based on elements like keywords and demographics and will improve your conversation rate. You can also customize the visitor experience after they have clicked on the link in your landing page.

Track your statistics

Instapage gives you access to detailed statistics that tell you how your pages are performing, your conversion rate, visitor mouse movement on the landing page, etc. It helps you understand your audience and provide it with content they want.

Include collaboration in your strategy

Instapage makes collaboration easy. Changes are made in real time and feedback can be added in one place to ensure every team member is up to date. Campaigns can also be shared with clients with a secure link.


Instapage offers 2 plans. The Business plan targets smaller businesses while the Enterprise plan is for larger companies whose needs in terms of marketing campaigns are more complex. Both plans have a monthly fee.


Instapage Tutorials for Beginners

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