Google Material Icons

Google Material Icons

Free icons by Google

Google Material Icons provides a library of beautifully crafted symbols and icons ready for use at no cost. These icons apply to a variety of situations and are available in 5 different themes to fit your needs.

Comprehensive selection

All the icons available are viewable on the tool’s main page. To find appropriate icons more easily, they can be filtered by category and are also searchable by keyword. The icons are in black and white, but color or opacity can be added and changed by slightly modifying an icon’s code.

Find the icon that fits your needs

There is an icon to fit anyone’s needs. Icons come in 5 different themes: filled, outlined, rounded, two-tone, and sharp. Variations can be seen with a click directly in the browser. There are also different sizes and densities available. The icons are designed for use on all devices, platforms, and resolutions.

Dynamic library

Google Material Icons is an open source software. That means anyone can use its contents for free and new modern icons that fit Google’s guidelines can be added periodically in the future.

Easy download and use

Using the icons is simple. They can be downloaded in a .zip file directly from Google or individually based on a variety of parameters, including size, resolution, and file type (SVG or PNG). The icons are optimized for both web and app view and are available for Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS environments.


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