Design, prototype, gather feedback

Figma is a web-based interface design application to collaborate in managing design projects. It allows members of a team to access a design project simultaneously to work on it, make changes, and provide comments.

Powerful design features

This tool offers enhanced design features including a modern pen tool that allows drawing in any direction without having to merge points as well as instant arc designs that make many designs possible in little time. Figma also includes an automatic resizing feature that reduces the number of manual resizing necessary. All these design options can be adapted to the screen size of all devices.

Visualize with prototypes

Figma introduces the possibility to create prototypes to visualize what the final product will look like. Static files can quickly become interactive by choosing from a list of interactions and animations. Prototypes can then be shared to colleagues or clients with a link.

Geared for collaboration

The idea of this tool is to create designs as a team. Comments can be added directly in any design. The latest file is always accessible directly which means there is no need to send anything and no one will fall behind. It’s also easy to present designs to clients and implement their suggestions instantly. Any elements created can be saved in a library and reused in future projects if necessary.


Figma has a free plan with limited options as well as 2 payment plans targeted at professional organizations based on their size and needs. The plans have a fee per user and offer advanced functionalities.

Mac, Windows, Web
Free; Professional: $12/mo; Organization: $45/mo

Figma Tutorials for Beginners

Figma crash course
Adrian Stefan
Figma 101: An introduction tutorial
Easy web design tutorial with Figma

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