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Project Management

Asana is an online project management tool trusted by some of the world’s leading private and public organizations. It makes organizing workflows easy and visual to maximize efficiency.

Create your project

Start by adding tasks and structuring them according to your preferred schedule or a specific order they must follow. You can assign tasks to one or more users, give them a due day, define a priority, add comments, or perform many other functions.

Move tasks or projects around

If tasks or deadlines need to be moved, it can be done with a simple drag and drop. If certain tasks are connected, moving them will not break the connection.

Different views to get a better picture

Keeping track of your project is possible in a variety of ways. A list, board, timeline, calendar, or progress view can be produced with only one click. All users will be able to clearly see their task within the whole project in real-time, wherever they are.

Simplify management

Asana offers automation to allow you to spend more time on project management and less time on the small steps. You can set up rules or triggers to automate some processes, ultimately saving you many manual manipulations. Integration with several commonly-used programs such as Outlook, Salesforce, or Gmail is also possible.


In addition to the free Basic plan, Asana offers 3 plans with fees per user per month. They unlock an increasing number of features and will take your project management capabilities to another level.

Web, iOS, Android
Free; Premium—$11; Business—$25

Asana Tutorials for Beginners

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