Adobe XD

Adobe XD

User experience design tool

Adobe XD is a design application for websites, mobile apps, voice interfaces, games, and more. It allows collaborative work in real-time between various designers.

Team collaboration

Adobe XD’s appeal is that it makes collaborating on design projects easy. The file available is always the most up to date, eliminating duplicates or the need to merge different files to create the most current version. Getting up to speed is as simple as looking at the design.

Built-in features

There are modern drawing tools and a user-friendly layout tool that makes resizing easy, eliminating tedious manual work. Any creation can be adapted to the screen size of any device. Users can also access Adobe Photoshop and use it directly from Adobe XD. The program is accessible in Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android environments.

Bring designs to life

Adobe XD has built-in interaction and motion features that allow designers to create prototypes from their designs. Any element created can be saved and reused in the future.

Sharing the results is easy

Designs can be shared easily through a link. Adding comments or directions is done directly in designs and prototypes to simplify the review process. Other designers can be invited to access and modify a design. All designs are saved on the cloud for easy reference.


Adobe XD currently offers 3 plans. The Starter plan is free and provides basic options. For professional or team use, the XD and XD for Teams paying plans are appropriate and provide all the features organizations will need to provide their employees.

Mac, Windows
Free or $9.99/mo

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